Hello world! – First post

Uhh….. First blog!

I’m basically sneaking on the computer at the moment, even though I’m sitting in my living room, clearly on the computer. The only reason I managed to get on was because I wanted to make a font with my sister, using her handwriting. She’s 6 and has really weird writing, so I made a font out of it. I made a couple of fonts with her actually, even though she is probably the most annoying little creature in the entire planet. And she’s always more annoying than usual on the bus… She is pure annoyance. And watches really crappy shows on TV that have bad animations or bad graphics or just don’t make any sense at all. Or maybe I think they’re crappy cuz there aren’t any hot guys on them…. oh well.

My dad still hasn’t noticed that I’m on the computer again….. AHAH! I know why! cuz he never actually told me to get off in the first place, I just got off cuz I had to make lunch for my stupid little sister… And probably because he’s watching the soccer, no wait, it’s cricket… The background cheering both sounds the same!! maybe not….

Anyway, today, while I was still on the computer, I made a really awesome font. With the fontmaker I have, you draw the letters with the laptop pen. (I have a Tablet PC laptop) And I wanted to make a font like the Old English one so I had to DRAW the font from scratch. In the end it actually looked pretty good, like a demented version of the original. By demented I mean like a little bit off, the spacing and character heights are all muddled up and everything is weirdly sized. Some, and I really mean some, actually look almost exactly like the originals.

And on to something different… There are now DENTS in my legs from where the laptop was sitting. You know, like when leave something pressed into your skin for too long and it leaves an impression. Yeah, well there are too very large, very nasty, very painful impressiony dent things in my thighs and they look like really creeeeeepy smiles… And that reminds me of how I keep injuring myself. Last night I needed an atlas, so I got one out of one of the cupboards in the hall. When I got it out, I lost my grip on it and it fell straight onto my toes! Like straight across them! And it was really painful and that book was reaaaally heavy! And then I accidentally kicked the corner of computer cuz it was on the floor so then my other foot hurt. So I sent them to the naughty corner of the living room -___-…. And the book is still there now….

My sister’s fonts —– My Old English font —– All my fonts

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