Truthful lies?

Last night while I was attempting to sleep, I randomly thought of random words and how I would make them rhyme in a song. I started like imagining the lyrics to a really twisted love song and came across the word “cries”. So I had to find a rhyming sentence for it. That part of the song ended up being like “I’m sick of all your love-sick cries, though I’m enjoying all your truthful lies”. And then I got confused. One- because the song was really messed up, but that was probably because I was in a sleepless daze from not being able to sleep because I’m scared the demon from Paranormal Activity is gonna come get me :O Two- because it was supposed to be a love song, not some twisted pre-break up rant. And three- because how the hell can you have a lie that’s truthful, I mean seriously? Lies are supposed to be untruthful, not truthful. Hmmmm…… Maybe it could be a lie that is blaringly obvious that it’s untruthful, that it tells the truth within itself. Now I’m making even less sense. Like when the police ask questions about a murder and the suspect just keeps lying and lying and then you get all this evidence on them, and they can’t make anymore excuses, so they ask for a lawyer. Asking for a lawyer when you’re being investigated by the police, basically makes you look very guilty. And I’m still not making sense.

Oh well, I’ll leave you to be confused 😛

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