Damn speeches….

Yesterday I was supposed to do an oral presentation (yes I know it sounds wrong but it’s not that). I was all prepared and everything – make up (even though it’s not allowed at my school, Monday detention if we do) and even hair clips to suit part of it! But then all the people before me took a long time so I never got to do it. Well, it wasn’t a bad thing, quite good actually. But I was all ready and everything….. Oh well, I’ll have to do it on Thursday 😉 And then, I have an oral presentation for humanities! Which I think we’re doing tomorrow… And my friend is trying to get me to rehearse for it! WTF? You don’t rehearse for a presentation with just notes! We have to have notes, just notes, because we’re not allowed to read off a sheet. And that’s quite a good idea. Gets us to be more confident and to improvise more. Plus, I’m not practising my oral because the pressure of feeling like it’s SUCH A BIG DEAL (when it’s not) that we have to practise for it to get everything perfect, makes me nervous and I feel awkward because technically I DON’T have to do it.

So, I basically hate speeches and presentations.

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