Uniform regulations suck

How does my hair not being tied up at the back of my head affect my learning? How does having my top button done up or wearing my tie properly at a good length make a difference in my learning ability? How does having to have my dress at knee length affect my learning? How does wearing make up affect my learning? How the fudge does wearing my blazer to and from school and at assemblies affect my learning? Jewellery, I can understand why we shouldn’t wear any, for safety reasons and OH&S but if they REALLY cared about it that much shouldn’t the teachers be not allowed to wear it either? I can understand the uniform restrictions if we’re going on a school trip or excursion, to keep up the damn private school’s image. But no one is going to walk right in to the school unannounced and start screaming “OH LOOK AT THAT MAKE UP AND THAT TIE AND THE SHIRT NOT TUCKED IN!!!!!!!! THIS MUST BE A BAD SCHOOL!!!! THEIR DRESSES ARE SO SHORT AND THEIR HAIR ISN’T DONE UP PROPERLY AND THEIR EARRINGS HAVE ACTUAL JEWELS IN THEM!!!!!! OH THE OUTRAGE!!!!” no. no one is going to do that and I doubt anyone ever will. Yeah, we may look like sluts and slouches but it’s not like anyone cares. At least we’d be happy and comfortable. We are human aren’t we?

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