Pokemon Black & White- game play blog 1

Yesterday my mom came back from Japan and she brought me, and my sister, back some gifts. For my sister she got some colouring booky sticker things and for me she got 2 volumes of Kuroshitsuji and Pokemon Black. I then spent the rest of yesterday playing it. I had to get off at one point though, cuz we were watching the Graham Norton show, mmmm….. bieber <3. After that I continued to play until about 3 am in the morning. My character is a boy by the way, the girl character was ugly plus I like being a boy in the game. My name is ニコライ (nikorai), I named myself Nikolai because I like that name 🙂 it’s a russian boys name and it’s sexy xD

During the game I ranted a lot and named things strange names. My starter pokemon was the water type one that looks like one of them oyster eating things (forgot it’s name)  and I named it シニガミ (shinigami) as in “Death God”. From then on I decided to name as many pokemon as I could after anime/manga things, mostly Kuroshitsuji though. I then named my second pokemon, this dog like thing, シツジ (shitsuji) as in “demon” not butler (well he could be a butler, he seems to do all the dirty work). I named this cat thing セバスチャ (sebasucha) I was trying to name it Sebastian but it only allows 5 letters :/ I stuck that one in my PC though, ended up being useless. I named this cute but fat pink thing リジ (riji) as in Lizzy (Elizabeth) but that one was useless as well. This chick gave me this fire monkey thing and I called it ボッチャン (bocchan) as in “young master” as in what Sebastian calls Ciel. I caught this electric zebra thing and called it アグニ (aguni) after Agni, Soma’s butler/servant/bodyguard person. I also caught this pigeon bird thing and called it グレル (gureru) after Grell. I called a few other things names from Naruto and, most importantly, I called this ground type crocodile thing M.Red, as in Madame Red and it is my second most powerful pokemon so far xD.

We (me and my sister, cuz she hovered around me watching) named various species of pokemon names as well. Hover over for our names XD

and there are a few others we named, but I don’t remember their japanese names so I can’t find the sprites for them.

In the very beginning of the game, these people (apparently they’re your friends/rivals/bitches)  and you open this present thing from the scientist lady. And yes, they finally made one of the scientist people in the beginning a chick. You pick which one you want and then one of your “friends” battles you and fucks your room up. Well, they don’t but apparently the pokemon fuck your room up while they’re fighting. I had this suspicion that my characters mom would walk in the room and be like “WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU DONE!!!” but she didn’t and my room doesn’t appear to ever get cleaned up.

I then had to go to the lab where the scientist lady (I’m gonna call her “lab lady” from now on) says something (I don’t know what she said cuz I can’t understand japanese) and the rival/friends battle you. But, they don’t seem to fuck up the lab, UNFAIR!

After all of that I though it was that part where you go to that route just above your home town and fight wild pokemon to get stronger so you can defeat you rival at the next town. I got shinigami to level 11 and shitsuji to level 10 before I headed off to defeat my rival. HOWEVER!!!!, I was sorely disappointed when the nerdy dude (one of my rivals, the other one is this fat blonde chic that has this weird hat thing) didn’t fight me! I did all that 2 hours of training for NOTHING? So I was pissed off about that

I don’t really remember what I did next, something along the lines of explore the town, attempt to fight the gym leader, die, get some strange fir monkey thing from this chick in the nearby foresty part, train a bit, go back to gym leaders (there were three of them but only one of them fought) win thanks to the fire monkey (Bocchan) and then I think I tried to leave town but I had to fight one of my rivals, I forgot which one though…

And now I can’t be bothered remembering the exact order in which I did things but I went to this town and the pokemon gym was in the museum and to get to the gym leader, you gotta follow these clue things in a library. I had no fucking idea what I was doing was I just looked at different books until the gym leaders minions moved the bookcase. Underneath the book case thing was a staircase and you went down to this area where the gym leader was. I then lost to the bitch, tried again and won. After I won, as I was leaving, the Team Plasma people went and stole a damn dragonite skull from the museum so we had to go get it.

I don’t remember much else except this fucking awesome city that was like a city!!! You went over this massive bridge to get there and the city is like round! and along these roads it’s like you’re in a city! Like with business people running up and down trying not to get in your way, it’s awesome!!! Here are some pics of Hiun City, I didn’t take these though.

One of the roads is an alleyway (the last pic) and as you walk along it, this dude jumps out from behind the bin! I thought he was gonna fucking mug me!!! instead, he does the exact opposite and gives me something! I got really creeped out by that…. I then went on to try and beat the gym leader dude and I hate him. His gym is frickin weird and I stepped on all these tiles that I knew I shouldn’t step on but I did anyway -_- because I am an idiot.

The next town had this electric type gym leader and I hate her too. She beat me like twice cuz she uses electric types and my starters a water type. So I went out and caught M.Red and squashed her XD well, not really (I barely won)

Now I’m trying to get to the next town but I’m stuck in this stupid cave full of spidery pokemon trying to find out what the fuck team Plasma are up to so I’ll see ya later when I’ve done some more things!

My map so far (pic actually taken by me) blue means I’ve been to that town and grey means I haven’t visited it and that little yellow person is where I am, stuck in a spider pokemon filled cave 😡

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