Pokemon Black & White- game play blog 2

Since yesterday I defeated a few more gyms and got out of that stupid spider cave. Though, I didn’t stay up as long this time, only until about 1 in the morning.

Of the gyms I defeated, one was of the flying type theme and the gym had all these cannon things that launched you round the room and accurately onto little platforms with little bastard trainers. However, on the second last cannon, the one that gets you almost to the leader, the cannon launched me, as it should, but I didn’t land on the platform. I got shot straight into the wall! And I didn’t seem to be hurt one bit…

The next gym I fought was an ice type gym. Inside that you had to slide around all these shitty places until you got to the leader. And I won that gym as well.

I forgot what I did next but I ran around, encountered some team plasma bitches, beat them and I didn’t even know what the hell they were doing, then went on my way again. After that there was a really big Team Plasma part and we went up some tower and there were team plasma bitches everywhere and we beat them and the hot leader of Plasma called “N” started talking and I had no idea what he fuck he was saying so I just pressed the A button until he stopped. Then one of the legendaries came and N brainwashed it or something and flew off with it.

I forgot to say this last time, but the leader of Team Plasma is this smoking hot, green haired dude! (again I didn’t take the picture)

Since my character’s a dude, I want N to be my gay lover! but I know that won’t happen cuz it’s a kids game but I can imagine right?!!!! And he takes you on this Ferris wheel and it seemed so romantic ❤ xD

Speaking of the Ferris wheel, the graphics in this game are SO amazing!!! like everything is a 3D model! the games not in 3D but everything is like a model! so frickin awesome!!!! Well, everything is a little pixelly, not pixelated, but you can see exactly all the lines and whatnot, but it’s still amazing!!!

Well, continuing on with what I was talking about before (what I’m actually doing in the game), I have absolutely no idea of what to do next. I went to the desert like the fat blonde chick told me to and beat team plasma again, but now I don’t know what to do. The nerdy Asian dude is still in the desert and I’m pretty sure he’s expecting me to do something but I don’t know what!!! I’m gonna look it up online later….

I went randomly exploring and came across this cave… inside this mysterious cave was, what I presume, I slightly legendary pokemon. I’m too scared to battle it, in case I can’t catch it and squish it instead. So, I took a picture and I’m gonna leave it for later. (I did take this pic xD)


And also, here’s me being nerdy playing DS!



Well, thank you for reading all this shit, see ya next time if you want xD

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