Pokemon Black & White- game play blog 3

This time I fully documented it with photos for you, all taken by meeeeee~!!!

I finally figured out what to do and without the help of the internet, how smart am I? xD Turns out you had to go to this city and all your “friends” were there and they said some stuff and gave you some weird stone thing. Then you were finally allowed to go to the next city. In that city, the gym was dragon type themed and the maze was a hell of a lot of fun as well as absolutely annoying. I beat the gym leader, with a lot of difficulty and it turns out that it was the last gym leader I had to beat! I had beaten all 8 and hadn’t realised it!

In the city was Team Plasma’s other leader-person-who-I-think-is-N’s-dad and he starting blabbing on and I had no idea what the fuck he was saying so I pressed the a button over and over again xD

blah blah blahIt kind of looks like he’s looking for recruits, “Join Team Plasma today, we have lots of stupid weak pokemon!”

And so he left and I was allowed to go back to exploring. The next place I was forced to go was the pokemon league. So I went up Victory Road and got squashed by some bitch half way along it (cuz I ran out of healing stuff). After that I gave up and went to some other place to train by squashing every trainer I saw. Though I accidentally, while being immersed in killing all the trainers, found myself back at Victory Road. I managed to get through it this time and continued on to try and defeat the league.

And you know what? I DID SQUASH THE ELITE FOUR!!!!

Entrance to the Elite Four<—- This is the entrance to the elite four. And you get to pick which order you do them!!!! How fucking good is that XD I did them in a clockwise order though.

<– him I battled first and I think he used dark type pokemon

<– i battled her second and she used ghost type pokemon

<– battled her third, she used psychic type pokemon

<– and this bastard last – he was fricking hard to beat and he used fighting type pokemon

Once I defeated them all, the lobby part looked like this:

and we got lowered into this strange place with really tall and really wide stairs. and I got to the top and N and this flame haired dude looked like they were fighting over who was going to battle me xD it ended up being my super hot N and we battled: and I beat him (actually I don’t remember if I battled him or not, I don’t think I did) and then he did something and some bad shit happened…. I’m not sure exactly what it was but this building shot out of the gound:

That was some baaaad shit.

Inside the building all of N’s bitches were there and they were trying to stop me from going in the building and getting in. Then all of my bitches came in and let me go up while they battle the other bitches.

<— N’s bitches vs my bitches XD

So I went up the building and all these ninjas tried to trick me into going into these rooms. They kept saying something about N, like they were saying that N was in that room. I was too suspicious so I kept climbing the stairs and then I got to the room N was in.

and then his “dad” started bitchin or something and then let me in.

I went up to N and he summoned Sekrom or Zekrom or whatever it was called and then strange stone I was given before summoned Reshiram.

reshiram being summoned:

and then I caught reshiram with the masterball someone gave me before: sorry that its sideways, I flip it round the right way towards the end though

The I battled N and won~! yay~! then his dad came in started bitching cuz N lost so HE battled me!!!

It took me 3 tries before I beat him. After they all left, N took me to the place where you register people who beat the pokemon league

and he’s so close to me XD this was as close as I could come to my yaoi dream~~~!!! >_< (my character, who is a guy, and N <3)

So I’ve finished the main idea of the game, so my adventure is mostly done, I might blog about more of the crap I do but for the moment I’m done.

See ya if I do~

<Bai bai~!

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